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IT Budget: Pinch Pennies Without Hurting Operations

Expected or not, as an IT manager, you may come into a situation where you have to cut your budget or put your staff – or maybe yourself – at a layoff risk. The catch is to make the budget cuts without hurting the operations. To say, this is the choking point. Of course, such a situation will come with dire consequences. Your IT department will go a few years back while the company moves forward. The gap between the next years IT requirements and next year’s […]

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IT Budget: Strengthen Your Security With No Additional Investment

Data breaches are becoming regular news – from mid-sized businesses to large enterprises, everybody is taking some hit. Your company may be small, even a small family business but you are not safe either. From one person shops to large enterprises everybody has to keep an eye on the security issues. Security does not need to come with a large price. It is not always the case that the dedicated, expensive equipment is the solution to all your security needs. In fact, the situation is just the […]

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How To Keep Focus In Your IT Projects

Your company’s IT project implementation will bring a load of benefit to your organization as well as big transformations, whether from an individual business unit’s or whole organization’s, depending on the scale of the project. No matter its complexity, it will have a lot of challenges that an IT executive needs to overcome. I will discuss the big challenges in this article, together with how to overcome them, with the experience that I have learnt right in the field. Many IT supervisors and managers tend to think […]

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Ugly and Clunky Enterprise Apps

I read a couple of books about application user experiences and I am still amazed to see the user experience is still ignored today. Ease of use and user experience is at the bottom of the list in development practices while deadline and feature list tops the list. This approach results in lengthy, fruitless, never-ending meetings to discuss why “the excellent app” is not gaining traction among the users. Let’s see how enterprise application developers overcome such a result easily. PS: If you did not read it […]

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The Stressed Admin

When you look at the average IT admin, you will spot certain physical characteristics – hair lost to some degree, pale skin and dark-colored garments are almost certain. But why is that? Why does IT world have some characteristics? It’s because IT support is different from many other career paths. It is rewarding, has a nice and friendly environment but it is also demanding, challenging and exhausting. You may think that this applies to all jobs. Let’s see what stresses out the IT admins (yes, I am […]

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