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Sometimes big branded domains expire and are available for registration. These domains have still value and worth buying. SEO companies have keen interest in them, they are able to convert domain brand into strong financial returns. Domains are reinvented using their archives in order to relevant. Contribution to the pages is done and the old one goes over. Although this kind of activity is unusual for the writers of the major SEO company. Such domains are purchased purely on the basis of the link value they have, there is no strategic plan for them. They are having no relevancy, so priority to them is very less.

If you choose a campaign to bring such domains to bring in the mainstream of competition then you have to do lot of exercise on You need to apply lot of resources.

  •  Design and development need to be monitored and updated with the results, as the domains start catching the keywords, new one’s could be introduced and research process starts for it, keep on putting the outcomes of the reports into it, till Google or other crawlers took these new keywords.
  • Proper chart need to created in Excel, in which left hand side in Column A put the dates and in column B the content strategy, articles you wish to put on the site, who is going to write them. Create proper deadline for them. You are going to best use of your time and corporate resources. The site will start coming more efficiently.
  • Create a bar chart of the success the crawlers start taking the keywords of the site.